Just Wondering

Now, I see a difference in my blog.

I have the Blog name changed and also the template which seems better. I am happy about the changes that have been made on this :)

Just wondering, why do I like astronomy/astrophysics conceptually and not with Mathematics in it?
Is it because I dont understand ? or is it because I don't want to understand?
I don't know.
When it comes to equations in physics, I go bonkers.

I am saying this coz, in my final year Bsc., my subjects being Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, I was equally interested in physics as well as Mathematics. I joined Honors course in Astrophysics in St. Joseph's College.

A scientist from ISRO used to come to take the sessions. I always admire him for his one liner "Pictures speak 1000 times louder than words" which he really meant and used to teach with more number of slides. I really liked the initial sessions as it was all concepts and slides which I loved.

Later, perhaps after 5-6 sessions, it was all mathematics in physics with huge equations which I disliked. After one or two sessions I discontinued the course.


Ranj said…
New tamplate...hopefully you'll blog regularly from now :)
khelnayak said…
U know what? This is the same template i had selected. :)

Well, yes, so many of us hate equations. But the real beauty lies in the concept behind it. And for that one has to have the interest within. :)

keep up with your blogging. And yeah...blog only when u feel like.:p
White Forest said…
I found this template better than rest of them...perhaps most of them think like that ;)

Yeah well said, thats only my interest.
I guess passion is waht one needs to have to follow up with all the equations just like Eienstein...

I too hope that I blog regularly
abhijayendra said…
well a nice template though i would advise u to chk out mine a MINIMALIST one....


Me too hoping to blog regularly ;)
blackphoenix said…
well, it's been scientifically proven, that when you communicate, 70% of the thoughts are communicated visually... and the other 30% are spread by what the sounds that we make...so, it's bound to happen... it's got more with our brain design, as homo sapiens and less with the inherent qualities present with the professor... guess, that would be the reaction of a majority of us, if faced in a similar situation.....
White Forest said…
I agree with the facts given above!

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