Monday, November 28, 2005


What do you get when you mix red and yellow? Orange, of course.

So why do so many of us see the world in black and white. Every one of us knows exactly what is right and what is wrong. Funny how our certain knowledge differs from person to person. Could we both be right? In most cases, yes. Because we are all seeing orange, just different shades of it.

In a few cases, someone mixes red and yellow and sees blue. Oops. We have a problem. But most of us know the difference between right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate, etc.

What to do? Hold on to your beliefs and values, as they are important to who you are. But respect others whose views might not be identical. After all, they are not you, and their beliefs and values are important to who they are, too.


khelnayak said... are quite right there. There is no problem if the other person has a different opinion but it gotta be justified if not for me but at least for himself and then I dont have a problem but it shouldnt be that he holds on just coz he has to.

White Forest said...

Where is the question of justification here?

blackphoenix said...

I don't think,that anybody knows what is right and wrong... everything is relative... how can you justify anything as being right ? You can justify anything as being right,in your own eyes.... according to your perspective of looking at things... same thing holds true for anybody else also... whatever they do, it is correct according to their perspective.... so nothing as such is right or wrong... it's when, we see things in the light of the filters imposed upon us by the society, that we pass judgements and something's by someone become right and some become wrong.... if you try to see things by stepping into somebody else's shoes, then all the things would be correct, because it would be his/her perspective, from which you would be seeing things... these are just my personal comments and might be true or false...

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