When you lose all hope, when things seem bleakest, when life seems like it can't scratch you up any more, there is one thing you can always reach for.

Memories of things that did work well. Memories of times you loved. Memories of beauty you have seen or felt. Memories allow you to feel joy in the midst of sorrow. Memories allow you to feel a hug when you are alone. Memories allow you to smell a rose, even when the snow is two feet deep.

Pull out some memories today, and relive the best that life has to offer (so far).


Unknown!!! said…
Yes..agree with that....the last post in my blog..i wrote abt 2 memories...happened in my planning to write ways..u write really great...nice content...
Neha said…
hey nice post..
like ur blog!!
came here from PG.
White Forest said…
Hey thanks, neha :)
Anonymous said…
Well done! |

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