Bad beginning!

It’s been almost a week after New Year! Nothing is working at my end. I have been fooling around with time like anything.

I had to spend my New Year’s Eve at my work. After my shift was over by 3.30 am in the morning, I was in my cab that drops me home everyday with two other cab mates who were in the same drop route as mine. While we were on the way to home, on the Hosur road, an accident had already happened and the worst thing was we had to pass that accident. It was a horrifying scene that has just stuck in my mind. The head and the body were apart. I have never witnessed an accident or had seen one. And that too on the first day of the year!

I am trying to get out of this now. First is I am trying make myself believe or pretend as though I have never seen that incident. But this scene is horror-stricken in my mind. Just won’t go!

Followed by this was the CAT disaster, which left me wounded with no calls! Then I decided to take up GMAT. And now it’s already a week over from this year and I am just fooling around with the time on silly things which are really of not much importance.

I just hope my quota of bad events is over for the year 2006! I wish I could rewind this and make a new beginning! Anyways, I am looking forward to only good things happenning with me for the rest of the year :).


Gmat Blogger said…
Ahhh!! Thats so terrible !! God bless you dear! Dont worry everything will be fine in no time!!
coolvir said…
Spending New year at Work.....

Can't even think of that.And for CAT disaster,well shit happens!!!

Best of luck for other exams and Happy New Year
White Forest said…
@gmat blogger - yeah I hope so!

@coolvir - Thanks ....n Happy New year to you too!
happy new year :)

as for the accident, it is indeed terrible to witness such a gruesome scene. when i was in my final year of uni, i saw a dead body lying on the road on my way to my exams. i think the accident occured just a few minutes before i passed that road, as the body was not even covered. i still could not get the image out of my head. i can recall it so vividly. i wish death does not come so suddenly..
Shikha said…
dont worry..wish you a great year ahead

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