Saturday, January 14, 2006


My only best friend S….n is leaving to Mumbai. She married to her sweetheart last year who has relocated to Mumbai now. So she is leaving o Mumbai in few days. She is my school friend. I know her since 7th standard of my school days. But we weren’t great friends when we were in school. I was with a set of other friends whom I am not even in touch of today. Were they just my companions during my school days? Could be…! School days are definitely fun, but I guess the strong relationships can be built during the matured state of mind.

There were so many times when we just fought because one used to score more marks than the other and vice versa. It was all about proving “I am the BEST” than building any friendship.

Sometimes situation used to get simply worse. We used to play pranks on each other and also get scolding from our teachers. Not always though: P

S….n’s and my friendship flourished only after our school days were over.
I joined college but due some personal reasons she discontinued her studies. Well, well, well….she is a talented gal. I won’t be surprised if someday she will be one of the Top 10 Mehendi Designers. My sis is just her fan for her designs.

You bet! There is no topic that we have not discussed. I remember the days when used to crib and crab about everything on earth….which left us light at heart after a while. Well, for that matter we used to get tired and bored of same old cribbings and crabbings :P
So we used to gossip about other things and different peoples. We talked about silly things, discussed of grave decisions that we had to take in time of crisis.
I will miss everything now. She is my only close friend “Till Date”.

Anyways, I guess that’s how the life goes! But I want to tell her that:

I wish her a Happy Marriage and she is a soon-to-be Mamma. I wish her all the best for everything in her life :)

Though she is far away from me, I care for her!

And I would like to tell her that!



coolvir said...

Your best friend is moving to mumbai(mine city) and my best friend got married a couple of months ago and moved to banglore(your city).

Just think how easy life would be if it would be possible to exchange relations.(yeah it sounds stupid)

Really nice thoughts.It reminded me of the song:
"Kal rahe ya na rahe hum,
Pal yaad ayenge yeh pal"

Also cute pics specially the first one :)

Shikha said...

cute pics:)..
it makes u sad when friends move away but then what are emails for?:)

still_figuring_out said...

what a sweet dedication to your friend :) it is very hard indeed to have a true, good friend nowadays. in my case, i can boast of having many acquaintances, but not one true friend.

Unknown!!! said...

Hmm..Thanx for stopping by and commenting in my blog...first of all Happy New Year....but CAT has really made it unhappy...ok samepinch with the results...
Nice post(senti)...hmm atleast ur friend moved to mumbai.not that far off...all my frenz gone to alone in India..:( i've actually written a post abt that my snapshot of year 2005 post...
Hmm anyways even am thinking of Gmat and CAT(:() also....
take care...

White Forest said...

@coolvir--> yeah just wish we could...but needs a change.

@Shika-->yeah, emails...but since she is a mehendi designer..she is not much into net..:(

White Forest said...

@ still_figuring_out--> well yeah I too do have a lot of acquaintances, but there is certainly a differentiating factor which really matters a lot!

@ Unknown--> well mumbai is quite faar for me atleast...coz we lived very closeby just 10 mins differnce from my place to her's...:)

so when are you taking up GMAT?

Syed Siddique Sharaf said...

losing friends, specially with whom we have spent years of fun can be saddening...
many of my school mates are lost in the wilds of this world , never know how they are , where they are... yet i managed to contact some and its pretty nostalgic remembering the good old days

... life goes as usual

prem said...

its amazing!
thats the best thing i have ever seen that someone would have written for his/her friend.
It truly speaks of the strong bond between both of you and how much you are going to miss her.
I dont know whats your friends name, but you should show it to her for sure, she will love it!

Anil The Great said...

Rathna :

Its really very nostalgic. And I feel very bad for you girls, coz most of you have to seperate your best frineds once they are married off. For guys, its not the case. Probably we may not realize, but in cases like yours, the feeling of missing somebody is really big. Suddenly the whole life with your friend comes in your eyes with a flashback and you feel a piece of your body being taken away from you. Its really a heartnening feeling and have a felt that.


White Forest said...

@syed--> yes life goes as usual ...but only during those nostalgic moments that feel sad.

@prem --> yeah may be she will like it. Irrespective of that the strong bond still remains.

@anil -->yeah true!

Thanks for that...

Anil The Great said...

Rathna :

You have been tagged, dear :-)


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