Is there a difference?The difference is 100% in how you approach it. Isn't everything in life like that?


coolvir said…
soo true...

But i believe one should also not go for solitude unless really required....

Life without someone to die for sucks
White Forest said…
Yeah absolutely true!

But was only trying to see things differently!
jedi said…
BIngo... everything boils down to the way u view it;its the perspective that counts.Two similar words but a hell of a difference.
Anil The Great said…
there is a big difference between the two :

lonliness is not chosen, it is felt.
Solitude is desired and chosen , its not felt.

lonliness happesn when you want somebody close to you but you cannot find that person.
solitude is something you want to choose when someone is close to you.

lonliness is bad, solitude is your desire.

i wish for solitude away from the maddening crowd, just to be with myself and know me better ,
sometimes all it takes to change the course of life is a two mintues talk with oneself, try
it out, it can do wonders sometimes.

White Forest said…
I do understand that Loneliness can be a state that we cannot choose till a certain age. But once we are grown up, we can defly choose the state we want to be in.
Sreejith Kumar said…
Yep. Well made your point. The approach should be different and the result and feel would also be different.
Neha said…
Loneliness is something i'm afraid of....
while solitude is welcome at times..
is there really a difference?hmm.. maybs it's just a difference in my perception of things.You made your point pretty well there..
White Forest said…
hey neha & Sreejith..Thanks
yes, there is a difference! and you are right, it all comes down to how we approach it.
Arjun said…
loneleiness is sad,
solitude is bliss.
White Forest said…
@still_figuring_out - yes very true

@ Arjun - absolutely..anytime thats true :)

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