Good or bad Holiday?

4 days and watched 6 movies! Am I crazy? gotta figure it out.. :)
Two weekends and 2 weekdays off...took off to study for GMAT actually...but did only 30% of study and 30% of sleep and rest of the while..whiled away!

Movies I watched: Kalyug, Rang De Basanti, Family(Good decent movie), Aksar, Mere Jeevan saathi, and Jawani Diwani. Last Saturday watched Zinda.....

Well, I am too confused to write any testimonials about movies I watched.


khelnayak said…
Hey...watching movies aint bad! What matters for me is how did you spend the time when you were not watching those movies....if you utilised that to your 100% potential..i dont see anything crazy in this act. :)

Best luck with your studies!
prem said…
i envy you! Only if i could have been in your place. :)
coolvir said…
hahaha...and i thought i was the only ovie fanatic
Prithi Shetty said…
So many movies. That's a great holiday.
Nabeel said…
we've actually watched three movies in one trip to the theatres .. love movies

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