Trust & Vulnerability

Do you really trust somebody?

You don't trust somebody until you make yourself vulnerable. Trust is both emotional and logical act.

Emotionally, trust is about giving control to another person, expecting that they will take good care of that control on your behalf.

Logically, it is where you have assessed the probabilities of gain and loss, and concluded that the person in question will behave in a predictable manner. In practice, trust is a bit of both. Whether in a personal relationship or a businessrelationship, trust means vulnerability.

We trust because we have experienced the trustworthiness and because we have faith in human nature. We feel trust.

Does trust start sounding scary? You bet it does! Does the alternative to trust sound even scarier? You bet it does!


Aizwaikcha said…
Yeah, I trust only my own self and may be in future I'll be in a position to trust someone who's really trustworthy.

You have made me think of the meaning behind this word in an alternate way.
White Forest said…
@ Aizwaikcha - The amount of trust you have in a person will be directly propotional to the amount you make yourself susceptible to vulnerability......

and that would be ....i would be glad to know ....:)
Anil The Great said…
it reflects deep feeling, something which someone might have felt and understood.

well said thoughts.

Aizwaikcha said…
It does not mean that I am vulnerable to a person whom I trust. I trust a person for she/he will not reveal my secrets & will be a true friend of mine & does not cheat or betray me. And that does not mean that I am leaving them to control my world.
My views are different I hope so.
Neha said…
Sometimes it takes years and sometimes moments to trust someone.. and there are people whom I would never trust..

vulnerability.. so's like putting urself in someone's hands. and hoping tht person doesn't drop u..
White Forest said…
@ ATG - yeah that post is the result of how susceptible I am to vulnerability :)

My problem is I trust people very easily :D

@ Aizwaikcha - ha ha ..yes very different :)

@ Neha - thats so cant be built in a day!
Ekta said…
Hey White,
Dropped in ur blog thru neha's and your post got me!
Am one of those who can Just NEVER trust people immediately and have a hard time even regaining the lost trust back!
I guess its our own experiences in life which tecah us to trust or not trust others...and its these experiences which eventually tecah us whom and how to trust others!
Lovely post!
White Forest said…
@ ekta - Thanks for returning to my blog :)

Very true..only experiences teach us how and whom to trust! And whom not to trust also :)

Experience is the big "Teacher" which gives right shape to us whether we expect it or not. So to learn from them and move on is the best thing we can do :)
Jewel Rays said…
*smiles* Hi White Forest,

Thank you for dropping by my blog recently. That was an interesting post i just read there. TRUST. well i guess there are different levels of trust. As for me, trusting people for simple things should be fine but trusting them in a deeper level is sometimes a big struggle for me. Nothing is certain. People just change and their tongues sometimes slip accidentally. So trust...Its something that i am still building myself to do. I would not say that i can trust a person a 100% completely. No way. There is definitely a certain percentage of doubt probably..hahah lest i find an angel who walks the talk and keeps his/her word. we are imperfect beings after all.*smiles*

Trust is important i feel. And having to trust people at a certain level is also important i feel. Yes its scary to me cause when a trust is broken ya heart goes along with it.

Great post white forest.enjoyed it
Great post!

//Does the alternative to trust sound even scarier? You bet it does!//
How true it is. That's why people love being vulnerable than being lonely :)

have fun..
rebel_on_loose said… is the essence of Life.
The day we lose it is the day v die.
White Forest said…
@ Jewel Rays - So true..

Thanks :D

@ Krish - I agree..I would trust and be susceptible to vulnarability rather than be lonely.

@ rebel_on_loose - is the essence of Life!
Unknown!!! said…
huh..again one more fundoo post...i first read the whole thing...and read it again to understand....ok that,s some prob with my understanding..
coolvir said…
Agrees with and vulnerability does comes in a package...but its not always true...

Say for example the Trust in GOD or Karma where one just goes on doing his duties expected of him.

One more example would be trusting yourself...which actually reduces vulnerability rather than increasing it.
White Forest said…
@ Unknown!!! - I am glad you finally understood :)

Congrats for getting into IIT Chennai :)

@ coolvir - thats saintly/angelic if "one just goes on doing his duties expected of him."

You have thrown a very important aspect of trust. I immensly have trust and faith in GOd as well as in myself :)

but we live around people and interact with people. Not all people are like us :)
Anonymous said…
Hey didnt get into any course in IIt chennai rey...i went there just for some get together..actually i passed out from IIT.madras...Btech..Anways...i treat that as belated congrats...Thaaaaaaaaaaanks a lot......

Unknown....(lazy to login...)
That's a beautiful pic... and an excellent post... I found your site while wandering around Keshis blog... great stuff!
JD ;)
White Forest said…
@Unknown - ohhh....I mistook your last post :P

@ luvwannabefree25 - Thank you :D
Thanks for dropping by my blog :)
Anand said…
*Does trust start sounding scary? You bet it does! Does the alternative to trust sound even scarier? You bet it does!*
Youv voiced my thots!...I a natural when it comes to trusting people and sometimes it has its own cons...but nevertheless do believe that no trusting is not the alternative!....
Lovely post!
shooting star said…
yes it sounds scary sometimes...but depends....but ill say that trust in others is vulnerability..and trust in urself is strength
White Forest said…
@ anand - Thanks :)

@ shooting star - I agree wid ya :)
DENZIL said…
I would feel more happy if a gal says, "I trust you." than "I love you." to me.

This is because a person always loves you when he trusts you but the other way around need not be true.
White Forest said…
@ Denzil - thats a nice perspective :)
Shiv Shankar said…
The beauty of every relationship lies in tursting one another ...albeit every relationship is not beautiful!!
Vinesh said…
Trusting comes naturally to me, don't know if it's for the better or the worse, though..
Anil said…
Cool Blog.. Nicely written..

Happy Blogging,

White Forest said…
Shiv Shankar...thats so true...i love wat you said there.

Trusting a person and being trusted by that person is the great gift of that relationship though it is not very certain the relationship works or not.

I would want to trust and be trustworty rather than worrying about what's going to be the result of that relationship :)
White Forest said…
Vinesh..Trusting and being Trustworty always pays off ...good or bad accordingly..:)

Be what you have always been..a few not so very gud experiences should only caution you but that shud not stop you from trusting or being trustworty!

Thanks for dropping by :)
White Forest said…
Anil..Thank you :)

Thanks for dropping by!
khelnayak said…
hey rathna....Cool one! And u bet...u r rocking the blogworld. :)

I hope u do 'trust' me. :D
White Forest said…
Amar - finally :)

How can i not trust you ...tell me ???
Pri said…
wth trust comes vulnerability, and wth vulnerability comes hurt...:(

can we really risk it??...
i wouldent want to...i couldent afford to...i know...its sad!! :(

but i like most other homosapiens wudent like to invite hurt...
White Forest said…
i understand natural human tedency is to avoid/get out of anything that hurts and anything that is stopping us from growing.
Raj said…
Nice post :)
White Forest said…
Thank you Raj...:)
Doesnt trust form an ingredient of love? does it then imply that love makes you vulnerable too?

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