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A personal note to MySelf!

I am LETting GO of the uncontrollables and unchangeables in My Life.

I am realistic and rational and accept that I can change only my feelings and attitudes about things which I AM powerless to change.

I accept personal responsibility for my life, thinking, emotions, and actions. I take care of myself better. I stop being martyr, fixer, rescuer, advice giver, and enabler.

I allow my Higher Power a place in my life along with correcting my unhealthy, irrational and unrealistic thinking so that I can better discern what is uncontrollable and unchangeable in my life.

God, your Higher Power is stronger and great source of power to which I hand over things out of my control.

I will control what really matters and work my best in a particular situation.

I’ll cherish every moment knowing that I’m able and good person with my own unique values and I’ll wait eagerly what unknown future destination my life is taking me to.

Why me?

Hmm..have I told you all that i work for a Contact Center?What has made me stick to this field for so long?well...I love communicating to people. Be it with strangers or repeated customers.I worked with this person (He is the first person in the list among the pastor staff )say 3-4 days back. This issue was very simple. He was not able to visit only one website "Faith-Temple", but was able to visit every other webiste. He is a Pastor in that Church. All I need to do was just disable few add-ons and it resolved the issue. This person had called us couple of times before and it was just that previous technicians overlooked modifying add-ons. Today, I happned to make a call-back to this person to check if everything is working fine. I usually make all my call-backs myself. He was very happy that I was able to resolve his issue...He blessed me throughout the conversation on call and simply made me feel very special and that I have powers to do wonders. He appreciated my smile..h…