Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chess & Time!

Now, what does time mean in Chess? Time is not limited to the minutes on a chess clock. Generally, it refers to this chessic thumb rule: Try to gain time, and try to avoid losing it. Scenarios in which you gain time: If you make your opponent move a piece to a poor square, or back to where it came from, without making any concessions yourself, then you gain time. If you force your opponent to stop his plans and start responding to yours, you gain time.

When do you say you are ahead of time? If your pieces are better developed than your opponent’s, you are probably ahead in time.
If you have freedom and can do whatever you want, you most likely have the edge in time. But of you must wait to see what your opponent is going to do before doing what you’d like to, then cant do what you’d like anyway, you’re probably behind in time.

You also have a time advantage of you can attack and your opponent must defend. Having such superiority that is being able to attack, not having to defend is known as having the initiative.

Can we make time last? Mostly, time flies. And in chess, time advantages tend to be temporary. If you don’t take advantage of them now, the other side is likely to catch up and your ephemeral time advantage will disappear. For example, if you have more pieces out than your opponent does, you should gain something tangible as a result soon. Otherwise, the other side will eventually get the rest of his pieces out and your superiority will dissipate.

Every one knows we all have limited time of 24 hours with us. But some people are always ahead of time! I have heard most successful people saying they have all the time in the world to do what they really want to do. Is this how they gain time??

Chess is one game I never get bored of. I have always applied it to my life and it has saved me with appropriate solution to problems which I have thought to have no solution. Chess has become an integral part of my life now!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Manipulating ?

Well well well...Here's is somebody who is trying to manipulate me.
Why? : Absolutely have no clue!
How is he doing that: He talks as if he knows me!
How do I conclude he is trying to manipulate me? : If at all he knew me he should have known 2 things about me that I hate liars and flirts.
His very first line contradicts.

Some of you might have noticed my shout box…Here is a sensational and interesting conversation going on between me and the stranger (who calls himself to be “hi”).

Rathna: :)

Chella: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! How is it going on Hope u remember me...
[ My friend’s friend with whom I spoke once. But was not able to talk again.

Did Mr. hi take this as a reference point? ]

me: d ya still flirt around?

[So here is comes with his very first line!]

Rathna: ??
Rathna: No blogging till aug 23! every one take care!
roshan: lovely site...
Seema: Hello Ratna are u in log out aux???????

Rathna: Hey thanks Roshan
Rathna: haha ....yes seema...similar kinda Aux
Rathna: Rather i would say...nothing on mind to write...totally blank :P
Rathna: Happy Friendship day to All!
hi: hows ur flirt life? any chance for me to have you on weekend?

[Mr. me comes back as Mr. hi and continues to bother me ]

Rathna: Mr. Ms. hi ....It wont be better than yours ..i am sure
Camy: who is this nuisance....creating noise in your shoutbox ?
Rathna: ha ha ....dunno! looks like from orkut...
hi: Common, give yourself to me for a nite darling

hi: I promise will make take u to heaven remeber the earlier days of your life.
[ Look who’s talking. You own heaven?? Then look for some ghosts. Don’t bother ppl living on earth. ]

Rathna: hey you have 2 options available all the time...try your mom..if not take your sis!
Rathna: If you have none above...then try your dad!
Mitr: Heh Mr Hi...Better dont take panga with v girls...buzz off

Ajay: That was most appropriate reply rathna.. .. keep it up

hi: Can you take roles? : P You BIG B!! I love them...
[Mr. hi if I start taking roles big B will suicide. So I refrain from it. I already have enough roles to play]
hi: Do you have your mom or sissies? Get them all!
[This shows what you are as a person. Keep it up! One day you will be worthy enough to find a grave very soon. If you don’t find it, the grave will find you!]

hi: Who cares of sis/mom whoever these days? Women are Women,Men are Men hahahahahahahaha
[hmm…now Mr. hi is really frank about what he wants.
Mr. hi..I pity your mom and sis.
Are you already tired and bored of your mom and sis ?? that you are hunting for my mom and sis ??
But you know what ??? Eventually you will get tired and bored of them too.
My unsolicited advice to you is…Continue with what you have and Be SATISFIED! ]

Rathna: You sound like a SOB!
[Sound like? You are one, aren’t you???]

Now I am confused as to, do I dig one grave for him or let him dig his own grave??
I am sure if he continues like this; he will dig his own grave and fall into it also!
So, I will choose to let him go catch his breath!


Friends please excuse me if this was a nasty post.
I believe in one philosophy. I don’t keep anything for myself. I give it right back!
Everyone has a good side and a bad side.
This is my worst side.

Here I end with a personal note to myself:
Rathna, Chill maadi. Calmdown. Declare truce in your mind. You don’t have to worry or think about silly jerks!
You have much bigger things to face in life!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hey dude ..you are cool!

I really want to appreciate this guy's Honesty and Will to return my flash drive!

I lost my flash drive 3-4 days ago in office. I only realized it after 2 days. Nobody has dedicated comps here...so more than one person can share the computer.

This guy had left a sheet of paper with his name and number on it. I ignored it thinking it was the similar kind of paper a guy had left few months back that had his name and number to have friendship with me.

Next day I had left a note saying whoever noticed flash drive on this comp.. Please return it to either Rathna … (number) or S…. (Number…. my friend). I had a very important material regarding my GMAT on this and I just couldn’t afford to loose it!

That guy called up S…. also sent a message saying that flash drive was on top of the comp and he was seeing it since 3 days! (Ohh....I am such a fool…how could I not notice it!!?) And that he didn’t leave the message that flash drive is on the comp but left only number thinking somebody else would take it!

I thought I will never get it back and have lost it forever!

No! I have never seen this guy … though he works in the same company as we always were in different shifts!

I simply want to say “Dude ...you are simply so cool!”

Ok……. Note on Self or High on Life!!?? :)

It’s been an amazing year... I so strongly feel I want take up writing or blogging once again…Yes I had a blog which was rocking (lol ...