Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Chess & Time!

Now, what does time mean in Chess? Time is not limited to the minutes on a chess clock. Generally, it refers to this chessic thumb rule: Try to gain time, and try to avoid losing it. Scenarios in which you gain time: If you make your opponent move a piece to a poor square, or back to where it came from, without making any concessions yourself, then you gain time. If you force your opponent to stop his plans and start responding to yours, you gain time.

When do you say you are ahead of time? If your pieces are better developed than your opponent’s, you are probably ahead in time.
If you have freedom and can do whatever you want, you most likely have the edge in time. But of you must wait to see what your opponent is going to do before doing what you’d like to, then cant do what you’d like anyway, you’re probably behind in time.

You also have a time advantage of you can attack and your opponent must defend. Having such superiority that is being able to attack, not having to defend is known as having the initiative.

Can we make time last? Mostly, time flies. And in chess, time advantages tend to be temporary. If you don’t take advantage of them now, the other side is likely to catch up and your ephemeral time advantage will disappear. For example, if you have more pieces out than your opponent does, you should gain something tangible as a result soon. Otherwise, the other side will eventually get the rest of his pieces out and your superiority will dissipate.

Every one knows we all have limited time of 24 hours with us. But some people are always ahead of time! I have heard most successful people saying they have all the time in the world to do what they really want to do. Is this how they gain time??

Chess is one game I never get bored of. I have always applied it to my life and it has saved me with appropriate solution to problems which I have thought to have no solution. Chess has become an integral part of my life now!


Ajay said...

actually a very good post.. its a metaphor.. for so many things... its like - cherish and make best use of what you have now.. Now is the keyword.. Only then you can take advantage of time... may be get ahead..

priya said...

WF: I agree and its a nice post. Chess is a game where we learn how to move coins in our lives too whether career/marriage/strangers.

Meg said...

I agree with the others, this was very well written and very thought provoking. I think in every day life there are "times" that we feel we are ahead of the game and others where we feel behind. I think if we can recognize both and learn to live in the moment, then we have mastered the game.

Nabeel said...

i love chess .. my uncle taught me how to play chess and belive it or not .. playing chess does open up the mind.


Hey...I have never played chess or learnt to ...My used to try and make me play tht but I ran away from it...Guess where ever brains were required I ran away! :) Chess has become an integral part of your life...Nice....Its a mentally sharpening game from wht I know. :)

Ekta said...

Very nicely put!!
Guess time is one thing which is in our control and yet not in our control!
We have the choice to make most of the time on our hands and yet time just seems to fly away and we cannot hold any of it!

Kishley said...

:) hey that was some intelligent comparison.. and the way u aproach ur problems is impressive :)
I have never thought of life in that way.. i mean i never planned any strategy for any problem.. they came n went away.. i just did wat ithink was right.. :)

Contented said...

Hello Mate! Nice post on chess! It used to be my favorite hobby when I was in school...:)

True that life is nothing but making plans and moving ahead realizing what we have and what we need to have, without knowing who exactly is the enemy!

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

shruti said...

hi dear,
agree with wat ajay and priya had said..
personally i dont haev that much liking for chess but yes it teaches us lots of things....

Keshi said...

hey u like Chess? I hate it lol! Cos I cant sit that long in one place.


Fleiger said...

A fellow chess player? Wow... after a long time I remembered the silence around the board, the concentration, and finally, the fight to find a good move in least amount of time (with 5 minutes on clock)

When our instructor started us on clocks, he would put 5 minutes on both sides while the game was in mid or almost endgame state. You can learn a lot of time-management that way, right?

White Forest said...

Hey thanks Ajay!

Indeed it is a metaphor which applies for innumerable things which i thot of writing but again refrained thinking it would jsut lengthen my blog!!

Absolutely..you have struck the right string!

White Forest said...

hi Priya,

thanks :)

so true!!
i guess thats the way it shud be.. if you know soemthing..take advantage of it!

White Forest said...

hi megz,

you bet!

White Forest said...

hi nabeel,

sure it does!

White Forest said...


sure it is ...but yes learning it shud be fun!

White Forest said...

hi ekta,

"Guess time is one thing which is in our control and yet not in our control!"

so very true!

White Forest said...

hi Kishley,

Thanks :)
"and the way u aproach ur problems is impressive"

when problems approach me ..i had no other source to hang on than chess!
so its all squares pawns and pieces..
when the game is over..?? start a new game :P
thats about it!

White Forest said...

hii Contented,


"without knowing who exactly is the enemy!" ....hmm this was really intersting!

White Forest said...

hi shruti,

yes it does...atleast for me!

White Forest said...

hi Keshi,

yes ..i can say its very close to my life now!

no worries dear..you can also end a game in 4-5 moves!!

but thats not much fun though ! :P

White Forest said...

hi Fleiger,

nice to see a fellow chess player on this blog!
would love to play sometimes!

you bet...you will manage time perfect!

Invincible said...

wow, thats a new lesson for me !

Known Stranger said...

once I was a chess crazy - as the blood of man who been so crazy with chess and cubes. latter i slowly manipulated the 64 alternate black and white squares to infinite squares where I am the king, the queen, the rooks, the bishops, the knights and pawns. In this game - you dont loose your peieces - to regain as well the game rule is to keep developing new peices every time one is thrashed.

this game which i play is not with one oponenet but multiple opponent in the same board - as well as i have allies to play on my side. Not just it needs the control of your movements but need the extra skill of seduction and manipulation to do with the infinity square boards.

this game thrills me and learning to hone my skills better every day.

By the white forest - do you know the love is not lost. just you are keeping the love aside to show it is lost. It is never lost - it is inside you - Love is never lost - you may have lost the person whom you loved. If love is lost in you - i am afraid am i speaking to a sprit?

The Individualist said...

Yeah... should like a game with you somewhere in the near vague future-
Erm- and as far as the professional writer question is concerned, no, I mean, not yet. That answers, doesn't it? :)
But why the question in the first place?

Ruchika said...

Yeah true that we feel ahead of time sometimes, and behind times sometimes, in real life.. and if we don't take enough advantage of being ahead of time, then we lose out and other people swoop in on the opportunity which should have been ours! The analogy with chess really does make a lot of sense! Maybe its about time I learnt the game!

Someone who loves dogs said...

Just passing by, nice post here about chess. I used to play it while growing up, but grew out of it with time. I'd love to regain that interest and motivation that I had as a child, but it almost seems like pulling teeth now. Yes, I am Laaaazy. And not very clever :). Anyhow, nice reading!

Has to be me said...

Whoa! What a beautiful correlation with chess & time. Well said. :)

Tejas said...

My favorite pastime in school. But could never find enough fellow admirers.

I think of chess as a game of life. Start off with tiny baby steps, approach and fend off every challenge. Either you conquer it or succumb to it.

Merci for visiting my blog!

Kayo said...

hey... Thanks.. =)

cute! ><

Venkatesh said...

Hey Rathna,
Thanks for visiting my blog.. Nice & insightful post on the game of chess. never had this view point before.. the only thing I remember about chess was me winning my friend in 3 moves.. he is actually an expert and I was just a novice, winning coz of my luck.. he was pretty annoyed though.. ;-)

btw you sound like a good strategist.. do you also like Poker???

vibhor said...

hi white forest,
chess. very intresting game..
really likes the way you make a connection between time and chess...

Fleiger said...

Thumbs up on that offer to play chess...

And I second you, check-mate in 3.5 moves is not a way to savour the game.

White Forest said...

~ Invincible ... :)

~ known stranger...voww thats gud to know...somebody as passionate about chess as i am!

hmm..i agree with you on Love there
Love is never lost within a person...it can only grow more!

~ The Individualist ... sure ...nytime!
the way you write ..i thot so!

~ Ruchika ...hmm i guess thers no age barrier to learn it..:)

~Someone who loves dogs ... hey thanks!

~Has to be me ... thanks :D

~ Tejas ... hey you are welcome :)

~ Kayo ... thanks again :)

~Venkatesh ... you are welcome :)

n thanks :)
hmm thats intresting!!
but i guess you knew what you were doing :P
everytime luck doesnt help win the game!

~vibhor ... thanks :)

~ Fleiger ...netiem :)

welcome to all the first tiem visitors on my blog :)
please re-visit :)

Anonymous said...

All the world is a stage... for some people to play chess:)

see you around!

Kuan Gung said...

Interesting concept...we have two choices in life, we either watch things happen (to us) or we make things happen....Watching and listening are also great concepts in a perceptive way of course in the right cntext, as long as we are learning the things needed to make our life happen. We certainly don't learn anything from talking...thank you.

Kishor Cariappa said...

Nice thoughts. Chess has the capacity to teach life lessons.

Velu Nair said...


Oh Yes!! There was a time when I was crazy abt the game, and used to spend hours in front of it, and soemtiems reading books on it for hours. There was a great dearth of opponenents thoug, since most of my friends were majorly into cricket and so on! :) Nowadays I have found a new partner in my nephew, whos in the 6th grade. ;) :)

the_new_cloud said...

Oh.. This has been one of the most impressive post I have seen offlately..
I have been playing this game for sometime but never thought about this way.. Am lagging behind time you see...:-)
And the last part where you compare it to life.. Its so true...

Within Without said...

Hey, White Forest...

This is a great analogy in so many ways!

I have dabbled in chess off and on, I don't really have the tactical mind to be that good at it, but enjoy it.

To go for the gusto or to hang back and let your opponent (life) come to you...sometimes one strategy's good, sometimes the other.

It's about making choices and then accepting the consequences of your choices, and the time limit thing plays in there too.

Brilliant post! I could have read more of your thoughts on how it compares to your own life.

Check, Mate!

White Forest said...

~ n yeah Venkatesh...no i am not into clubbing ..so not much into poker!

but if i start ..it wont be difficult i guess :P

mystery said...

well said...very impressed by the way you described it :)

Sudarshan said...

Hey how are you???:-)

Actually I've been out of blogworld for quite some time now...I'm sorry if I haven't been visiting your blog..

I used to play chess earlier too..but now I'm totally out of touch..I guess its been ages since I played chess..but hey your article was informative:-)

White Forest said...

~ ha ha iris...yeah so true! :D

~ kuan gung...hmm thats soemthing really insightful and deep thoughts!

~ kishor ...you bet..it does when you apply it thourougly...

~velu nair ...voww..thats wonderful to know :)

~ the_new_cloud ... thanks :)

yeah not only that..any aspect you take can be compared!

~ Within Without ... thanks!
hmm thats still grt! ametuer player?

"It's about making choices and then accepting the consequences of your choices, and the time limit thing plays in there too." ---this is just so true and beautiful!

so everything is in your hand...your choice ...your consequences!

Thanks again :D

its just not one aspect ...i can just almost go on and on ...not only i try to compare issues related to me ..could be jsut anything going around!
take business ..relationships..or may be just anything!

Check, Mate ? :)

Lets start a new game!

~ mystery ... thanks :)

~ Sudarshan ... I am fine sudarshan :)
How did your exams go ?

thanks :)

Its a fact that a person who plays chess with strategies and tactics in place and chunks the chess patterns are teh ones who get to be the grandmasters...these ppl even beat the ametuer chess palyers ..so its very clear that chess doesnt have to be inborn ...it can be learnt and mastered also :)

this is in general for everyone who thinks they cant play chess...it can be learnt and mastered :)

And for ppl who have stopped playing chess..you can pull up the socks any time :)

Keshi said...

hell na Im not that smart :)


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

i am one of those " stopped playing chess " types ... no1 to play with now

and hey , u have del ur shoutbox .... due to whatever u have mentioned on the prev post .. is it ?

starry nights said...

Beautiful post. I really dont know how people get ahead in time or have more time on their hands is it because they use it efficiently.

Pallavi said...

Chess..hmm I tried but cudnt play..:(

Your Vakil said...

interesting comparison and very true as well! having lost touch with the game, i guess i should take the cue from u n start all over again :)

tulipspeaks said...

been a very long time since i played a game of chess. i mean.. really a very long time :P

Selamat Hari Merdeka


Fleiger said...

netitem? Sorry didn't get that...

And oh, you are tagged.

Ghost Particle said...

U kno wat, i used to lvoe the game...used to play it everyday...i really loved the chess hack...double chess...which was very cool. They i had this period where i had no patience to think of the mvoes, and now i hate chess...grr...

Raghav said...

nice post
i like chess, and its been so long since i played with someone who was as good as me or enjoyed it as much as me

Anshuman Ghosh said...

how about a duel sometime ? ;)
I am a biggie chess fan myself ..

btw, yes you can "create" time... no wonder peopel often come upto me and say "how do u manage to do all this in a day" :D

White Forest said...

~ keshi

your writings in blog doesnt say that :P

~ deepa

yeah..i know competent partner is necessary to play a gud game and improve oneself .....no point winning with novice!

~ starry nights

Thanks :)

yes you got it..but how to achieve that efficiency matters a lot here!


Try again :P

~Your Vakil

thanks :)
hmm..you should!

~ [==amutha==]

all you need to remember is how to play..you can start again and build upon strategies and tactics while you are playing! :P

~ Fleiger

netiem - Anytime..sorry a typo...
yes will takeit up shortly!

~Ghost Particle

hmm duel chess..soemthing which i started with during my school days ..but after that i never played that...:)


you know many a times i love watching others play than i am playing..that gives me immense pleasure and joy as if i am discovering the unknown!


sure...though its been long i played duel :)

ha ha ...voww..you sure employ your strategies right i believe!

Anshuman Ghosh said...

sure i do :)

The Visitor said...

Mind-boggling post! I loved it.
Your own thing is better than quoting somebody(Ayn Rand) else.

Amod said...

Chess and Life are so similar, except that in life not everyone starts with the same resources. Some people are ahead in time, some are not, right from the beginning.

Ok……. Note on Self or High on Life!!?? :)

It’s been an amazing year... I so strongly feel I want take up writing or blogging once again…Yes I had a blog which was rocking (lol ...