Manipulating ?

Well well well...Here's is somebody who is trying to manipulate me.
Why? : Absolutely have no clue!
How is he doing that: He talks as if he knows me!
How do I conclude he is trying to manipulate me? : If at all he knew me he should have known 2 things about me that I hate liars and flirts.
His very first line contradicts.

Some of you might have noticed my shout box…Here is a sensational and interesting conversation going on between me and the stranger (who calls himself to be “hi”).

Rathna: :)

Chella: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! How is it going on Hope u remember me...
[ My friend’s friend with whom I spoke once. But was not able to talk again.

Did Mr. hi take this as a reference point? ]

me: d ya still flirt around?

[So here is comes with his very first line!]

Rathna: ??
Rathna: No blogging till aug 23! every one take care!
roshan: lovely site...
Seema: Hello Ratna are u in log out aux???????

Rathna: Hey thanks Roshan
Rathna: haha ....yes seema...similar kinda Aux
Rathna: Rather i would say...nothing on mind to write...totally blank :P
Rathna: Happy Friendship day to All!
hi: hows ur flirt life? any chance for me to have you on weekend?

[Mr. me comes back as Mr. hi and continues to bother me ]

Rathna: Mr. Ms. hi ....It wont be better than yours ..i am sure
Camy: who is this nuisance....creating noise in your shoutbox ?
Rathna: ha ha ....dunno! looks like from orkut...
hi: Common, give yourself to me for a nite darling

hi: I promise will make take u to heaven remeber the earlier days of your life.
[ Look who’s talking. You own heaven?? Then look for some ghosts. Don’t bother ppl living on earth. ]

Rathna: hey you have 2 options available all the time...try your mom..if not take your sis!
Rathna: If you have none above...then try your dad!
Mitr: Heh Mr Hi...Better dont take panga with v off

Ajay: That was most appropriate reply rathna.. .. keep it up

hi: Can you take roles? : P You BIG B!! I love them...
[Mr. hi if I start taking roles big B will suicide. So I refrain from it. I already have enough roles to play]
hi: Do you have your mom or sissies? Get them all!
[This shows what you are as a person. Keep it up! One day you will be worthy enough to find a grave very soon. If you don’t find it, the grave will find you!]

hi: Who cares of sis/mom whoever these days? Women are Women,Men are Men hahahahahahahaha
[hmm…now Mr. hi is really frank about what he wants.
Mr. hi..I pity your mom and sis.
Are you already tired and bored of your mom and sis ?? that you are hunting for my mom and sis ??
But you know what ??? Eventually you will get tired and bored of them too.
My unsolicited advice to you is…Continue with what you have and Be SATISFIED! ]

Rathna: You sound like a SOB!
[Sound like? You are one, aren’t you???]

Now I am confused as to, do I dig one grave for him or let him dig his own grave??
I am sure if he continues like this; he will dig his own grave and fall into it also!
So, I will choose to let him go catch his breath!


Friends please excuse me if this was a nasty post.
I believe in one philosophy. I don’t keep anything for myself. I give it right back!
Everyone has a good side and a bad side.
This is my worst side.

Here I end with a personal note to myself:
Rathna, Chill maadi. Calmdown. Declare truce in your mind. You don’t have to worry or think about silly jerks!
You have much bigger things to face in life!


Known Stranger said…
first what is shout box ratana. and how so many are chatting - it looks like those yahoo open chat window. do you do that?

it is interesting though but disgusting for the way Hi spoke and you spoke. Fine - i do agree speaking doesnt really mean out of heart but.. i would say - refain.

heihei i am one nasty guy like HI. so beware of me too.. eheiheiehe..

No lie - honest word.

just kidding
VSV said…
Solid My dear...Mr Hi..If u do have some shame left in u never again msg a girl this way.....
Meg said…
Best thing you can do is not engage people like this. They want attention, they crave attention and they are not worthwhile enough to attract attention so they have to seek it out. Just ignore people like that, as pesty as they can be.

take care!
Some creeps speak thus and I too give them some crazy answer and then just block them forver as I dont want to be associated with such loosers....You were really brave and upront n tht is admirable! The Hi was forced to say Bi
White Forest said…
Disgusting people will get disgusting things back!

Dont youknow that "wat you sow, so you reap!"
Anand said…
firstly its a disgusting comment that Hi has suggestion is to ignore him and not respond to his comments any further...ignorance here is the best way to handle this!
Some sick minded people for some reason get tremendous pleasure out of such sick jokes!
Kris said…
Chill rathna, its not worth trying to get even with these jerks....
DENZIL said…
I agree with Meg... there are some guys who just crave for attention... they are mentally sick... the best thing is to ignore them.... the more you respond... the more they get back at you... Just turn a blind eye when you can...

All the best courageous gal!!!!
Twisted DNA said…
You are right in being frustrated with such guys. They are not better than those cheap guys in busses trying to pass comments at girls.

In my personal opinion, stooping to their level to teach them a lesson is probably not the best option because they feed on such responses. I would ignore them, as I typically do with barking stray dogs.
Known Stranger said…
hmm no one to blame but every one and everything - when it is decieded to blame why should we fine whom .. heihei , just kidding.

soem time disgusting people can be handeled in a vey difffernt way with out loosing the dignity of self. dont you agree with me.
Ekta said…
Thats disgusting..if he ever came in front of me...hes be dead meat!
Pls dont waste ur tme and energy even thinking abt such people...its just not worth it!
Jewel Rays said…
Hi White Forest

Have come across this kinda pervies before. They find thrill in doing this kinda thing when they are bored or for some to appease themselves. The best treatment to give them is ignore or block if its on a relay chat or whatever. if its personal i believe a kick between their balls will have them forget their hormones. Pointed heels always help. dun mean to be crude..

tulipspeaks said…
some fellas have no other better work to do rather than irritating others. each n every of us has a story to tell.

thanks for the visit.

khelnayak said…
hmm...nasty things happening out here..sorry for being out of touch...been really bz..

As has been mentioned by many..i too shalll say... IGNORE!

All the best with GMAT.
anup.777 said…
this is the bad side of the anonymity that the net offers .. some real sickos out there ... they need a sound thrashing!
Keshi said…
HI is sick and might be suffering from STDs. YUIKKKKKKZ!

Has to be me said…
Hey better to ignore such ppl rather than strike a conversation with such disgusting characers. These sorta ppl r the ones into abusing. Not worth while to waste ur time & energy over such things!

Thanks for visitng my blog. Hope 2 c ya more often! :)
priya said…

You can never change crazy ppl'. Its better not to think of them or just leave them alone.
Thanks for visitng my blog and welcome often.
Vidya said…
Thanks for visiting my blog !
Creeps everywhere !! Earlier, I would fight such people Now I have learned to ignore them. There is so much better stuff to care about in this world that it so futile to waste our time on such blokes !

Dh@v@! said…
u will find such Mr. Hi everywhere...
u can have a look at my pervious post...
i have posted such scraps (from Orkut) of such Mr. Hi(s)
starry nights said…
Dont ever talk to creeps like that, they have a way of getting people to talk and the next thing he is going to know where you live etc. I think He is a loser.even to mention mothers and sisters in the same line. If he comes online again just leave, he needs to be ignored.
Kuan Gung said…
Interesting to just leave junk yard dogs lay...
lol am sure you do.
And for some odd reason, I have a funny feeling it's a bot. Well. Sound like it. Er. Maybe I've looked at too many of them that all of them sound automated to me-
Tejas said…
Our brains have only a few MBs of RAM. Its better to Shift+Delete such incidents to create space for other important data.

Awesome blog you've got!
Your Vakil said…
this is really disgusting! fellow seems quite jobless...just ignore him.

and thanx for dropping by my blog :)

Anshuman Ghosh said…
pursued by guys is nothing new for da ladies, i suppose ?

"chill maadi" - kannada ?
Darius said…
I haven't had a... did you call it "shout box" feature? So I don't know how it operates.

But whatever means makes it most boring for bothersome people, meaning ignoring, seems to be the most effective, whether it's hanging up on prank phone calls without speaking, moderating out offensive comments - whatever doesn't give them any attention.
Neha said…
sick disgusting guy!! he deserves worse than wat iv said to him...
wth do some ppl think of themselves.. that they can jus say n do anything and get away with it.. i dont understand what makes them talk such crap...
Ricky said…
Such abusive people are a fact of blogging and everyone gets some share of it. Ignore him/her and they won't have anything to write about after sometime because such people generally have very little IQ to write anything else...
KK said…
Looking at his speed, seems like he will dig his own grave dont bother...

BTW, I am no flirt or liar, just came to thank you.

Thanks for visiting my travel blog. You can also visit my regular blog here. Please visit whenever you can.
Ajay said…
Yups... Ignore that sicko..
all - lets mourn together for him..
jac said…
Drifted in from kuang

My advice is to ignore them.
Just behave as if he doesn't exist.

He is not sick, that one is not sick...he is just a creep who tries to flex his muscles.
White Forest said…
watever..watever....watever....i have turned my blindeye towards him..ignoring him!

But i want to tell him "YOU ARE SICK"!!
jac said…
But he is not ?

Anybody who studied behavioral science will tell you that.

He is doing it for attention. so don't tell him that he is sick.LOL
White Forest said…
thanks jac!

but tell me how does it help him ?
neways he is anony..he hasnt revealed his name ??!!!
Venkatesh said…
just browsing through your blog and I agree that "ignorance" is the best answer to these kind of annoyances.. just think this way, he is not gonna correct himself by you telling him "You are sick". If he is a person who cares, he might not have annoyed you in the first place.. these pple just want some attention and the best way to "slap" them is not to comply to their motive, which is giving them attention..
White Forest said…
hmm right :)
He is already in trash!
Within Without said…
Yes, Rathna, I would try to calm down.

Then I would let him bury himself...unless he tries to take you into the grave with him.

Then hit him with the shovel and pile the dirt on top of him.
White Forest said…
As i read..i am trying to visualize it :)
shruti said…
hey girlie ..chill ,,dnt let demented souls affect u ...such people are just attention seekers who hate being ignored ..and are indeed to be pitied for their restricted thought processes .
White Forest said…
thanks shruti...:)

yes..thats wat i am doing!
sophie said…
hey ...
there are many men around like that
and u know anjan....?
and u kanadika?
thanks for passing by my blog...
White Forest said…
hey thanks sophie..

you bet..there are men like that everywhere must have laser sense to pierce into such souls and keep them where they deserve to be!

Anjan ? not that i know of....

And no i am not a kannadiga..!
SiD said…
well.. being a girl is tuff.. and i guess u r a tuff girl...

Strange experiences.. but i think that u r burning ur own blood and also inviting this guy to further comments by replying to him..
ignore him and i am sure he will go away.. (vaise i think u must have done this by now !!!)
White Forest said…
very much, Sid...better to ignore such...such ppl have nothing more to say then!

welcome and thanks :)

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