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Yes, I am in Love!

Yes, for the first time in my life I am wanting to going back to 1960’s. I wish I were born at that time. Is it too late? Or is it not?? I am not sure!!

When I picked up this book “Icon: Steve Jobs” from a friend, I hardly knew who this person is. Though I was faintly remembering that he is The Apple CEO, at that point when I had that book in my hand, all information about him had sunken deep down in the layers of my memory. I simply couldn’t recall who this guy is. I had to find who he is from the cover of that book!

It was almost a week that I got the book; I didn’t bother to read it in the impression that it is going to be another biography giving the management fundaes. But then to my surprise it turned out to be quite different giving the real picture of a person as he is. After all it is an unauthorized biography of Steve Jobs. I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. I also got the other book about steve the very next day "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs". It o…