Monday, November 26, 2007

A better New Me!

What’s the meaning of my life?

I think the purpose of life is to be useful, to be responsible, to behonorable, and to be compassionate. It is, after all, to matter: to count, to stand for something, to have made some difference that you lived at all.-- Leo C. Rosten (1908-1977) American Writer

But I would say it’s all about my values, my goals, my relationship with myself and with others. It’s about where I was & where I am going!

So many people try to influence our lives for some benefit of theirs or for no reason at all. Try to give our life their meaning and also make us believe it as ours! Though it is a positive or negative influence, the ultimate decision should be ours. Only we can give our life a meaning.

Then there is comparison. Everyone tries to compare one with other. I believe the comparison should always be with oneself. If you are comparing yourself with a person who is better than you, it can depress you. If you are better than someone, it can give you a false impression of feel good factor which may be pleasing at present but not in the long run.

It simply doesn’t matter if you are doing better or worse than your neighbor, your friend, or your colleague. Always check how you were last year or sometime back? How you are now? Are you being the better you or the worse you? At least that’s what each one of us should try to be 'The Better Me'. Better than previous every minute, every day, every week and every year. The Better ME! Be the very best you can be, be the best you have ever been!

Everyone gets almost similar circumstances, but why does one person gets through and another a victim of it? Circumstances must never be an excuse.

I guess it’s the response or the choices that you make, the decision that you take, The Attitude...The Positive Attitude that makes the difference.


priya said...

Only I can give my life a meaning.

Totally agreed WF. Comparison is a killer disease just like ppl getting inferior to others success and failures too.

tulipspeaks said...

welcome back hun!


The Individualist said...

There is no general purpose for us, people. Whatever purpose we affix to our lives, we do so to convince ourselves that we're not 'wasting' our time and to keep ourselves occupied while living.
In my opinion.

White Forest said...

~The Individualist - I would agree that on Purpose...but wat about the meaning? i don think they both are same!

White Forest said...

Thanks Priya :)

Thanks Tulipspeaks! :D

kannan udayarajan said...

Very true..its the way one embraces life that matters..:)

Smoochy said...

Well said. Purpose, and no comparisons. Too tired for a long comment, but I've a post about the same subject. Read it sometime if u feel like

Bla said...

"What’s the meaning of my life?"

The meaning is subjective.

Steve said...

Hi White Forest,
Thanks for your posts, I really enjoy this one and the one about Steve Jobs too.
And I appreciate your stopping by to view and comment on my artwork.
Best to you.

Keshi said...

WB I missed ya!

Sounds like a fresh idea for the NY too :) All the best hun!


Iceman said...


y compare? Never compare! even with ur self! it always leads 2 trouble!

**why does one person gets through and another a victim of it?

well... all r victims... all get through... as if they have a choice not to! How good or bad they do that, depends on the person, not the circumstances!

Iceman said...

The title, "A better new me...

Better or worse... u r still u! How does that change?

my point is... y b better or worse... just b what u r! No scope for comparison... even with oneself!

Hmmm... :)


Comparison should be there in every aspect, but to what extent is very important. So where do you drive the competitive spirit? If there is no comparison...You will never able to set a bench mark... You're happy today 'coz there are lot of people who visit your blog... "coz you know that not all blogs by others are read, like yours... That’s comparison with can never eliminate it’s an integral part of a human being... easy to talk and write, and not to separate or renounce, unless you want to be a saint and take up celibacy!!

Known Stranger said...

Let me tell you, there is no purpose in life.
Life is its own purpose;
it is not a means to some end, it is an end unto itself.

The bird on the wing, the rose in the wind,
the sun rising in the morning, the stars in the night,
a man falling in love with a woman,
a child playing on the street... there is no purpose.

Life is simply enjoying itself, delighting in itself.

Energy is overflowing, dancing, for no purpose at all.

It is not a performance, it is not a business.
Life is a love affair, it is poetry, it is music.
Don't ask ugly questions like, "What is the purpose?"
because the moment you ask it,
you disconnect yourself from life.

Life cannot be bridged by philosophical questions.
Philosophy has to be put aside.
Be poets of life, singers, musicians, dancers, lovers,
and you will know the real philosophy of life:

And if you know how to live... and it is a simple art.
The trees are living and nobody is there to teach them.
In fact they must be laughing;
seeing that you have asked such a question,
they must be giggling - you may not be able to hear their giggle.

The whole existence is non-philosophical.
If you are philosophical, then a gap arises between you and existence.
Existence simply is, for no purpose.
And the person who really wants to live
has to get rid of this idea of purpose.
If you start living without any purpose, with intensity, totality,
love and trust, when death comes, you will know how to die
because death is not the end of life, but only an episode in life.

Osho - The Book of Wisdom
quote from Chapter 14

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!


Still searching said...

For some reason, I thought I'd commented on this post earlier, but apparently I do things in my head and not in reality!

Anyways, I really like what you've said here.. this is the philosophy that my school had taught me, that always compete with yourself and try to better what you've done and not compare yourself with others all the time, because they may not even have the same potential as you.. my fav example used to be that dont be happy if you got 85% in your boards while others got 80%... maybe your potential was to get 90%, and you should try to achieve that...

and yes, a positive attitude definitely helps in that process!!

Nice one, do update your blog more often! And happy new year!

Karthick said...

awesome post yaar..really good...definitely its important to be ourself and think about ways to improvise ourself rather than trying to scale ourself against others which only frustrates or creates a superiority complex..u have almost kind of duplicated my thought process..i enjoyed reading it..good job

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

the more u think of the purpose , the more purposeless it becomes ...

my friend had a simple theory ... man was created only to reproduce
(like other animals) ... but unfortunately , he invented fire, the wheel and hence caused his own worries

CM-Chap said...

Nice thoughts. I fully stand by you when you say the below one:

"It’s about where I was & where I am going!"

sury said...

//Everyone gets almost similar circumstances, but why does one person gets through and another victim of it? //
I stand spellbound at both the reflection and introspection associated with the lines. "Yath Bhavam Thath Bhavathi" says the Upanishad. We become what We believe in. Whether we are the Best or the Worst of Ourselves does depend on the way you and I believe in.
A Blog that delighted me just because it is thought-provoking.
please visit
where possibly u may find a few answers on all the pages.

Jac said...

Comparison at some stage of some individuals are a requirement.
Let us say it serves, just as a scale.

Golden Vulture said...

Nice inspiring Blog buddy .. its nice to know someone have somewhat same thoughts like mine .. no comparison :)keep smiling

Vinod R Iyer said...

It's all easy when you are putting it on paper. But can we really practice this ? A small trouble happening in life would lead us to think negatively.

Do let me know if you find how to do it :)

Nice post

mohdbrzn said...

Haha..... that is very much true.......

Daniel Andrew said...!!! is never to b compared with others but should be compared to self...well said..keep writing!!


Art and Poetry said...

Your writing is very interesting.
I am looking for different types of blogs to link with, would you like a link?


White Forest said...

~Vinod R Iyer

Hey i know its difficult...but atleast there shud be an effort from our side!

Unknown!!! said...

Hi what happened to you no posts, its been almost an year.
facing writer's block???

Femin Susan said...

Welcome back.
Your writing is really interesting.

The abstract scientist said...

very wise words there! i appreciate the fact that the more people who come and leave, the better we become in handling people in our lives. The more they hurt, the more we can forgive. I think it is how you acquire wisdom

samdarshi...Sam with equal vision said...

Nice thought..But somewhere I find deep pain inside u..Is it so or the other way round.

Ok……. Note on Self or High on Life!!?? :)

It’s been an amazing year... I so strongly feel I want take up writing or blogging once again…Yes I had a blog which was rocking (lol ...