Ok……. Note on Self or High on Life!!?? :)

It’s been an amazing year...

I so strongly feel I want take up writing or blogging once again…Yes I had a blog which was rocking (lol Yes rocking!! or at least that’s what I feel :D ) once upon a time :P If you got curious by now to check out the blog...here you go White Forest

Well… all this time when I wasn’t blogging I have been quietly writing…writing and writing…I feel I haven’t written sooo much ever even during my college days also! Writing has been such a bliss; I have met myself all over again through the word doc. I can’t believe word doc can be someone’s best friend. Well no I think word doc is like a mirror that reflects you who you are right as you are…for it doesn’t judge you or criticize you for who you truly are! You get to be your self without having to think twice to be your OWN true self!
I have been writing so much that I have so many Journals going on right now…

·         My Eternal Quest Journal – where I write anything and everything that I feel, think, do. Helps me to recognize my thought pattern…and brings so much clarity into my thinking. What a learning about my own self…perfectly shows who I am …and I just can’t stop falling in love with myself for who I have become.

·         Gratitude Journal – where I write about everyone & everything that I am grateful for! I sincerely want to thank @Nithya Shanthi for introducing me to so many nice concepts… I soo love you for this Nithya!

·         My dream Journal – well I have been inducing myself into Lucid dreaming…I really wanted to find out wat its like to dream…. Lol all because of you Kamy… J You kept telling me so much about it ..I really wanted to find out for myself. Now my dreams are so vivid…sometimes I find it challenging to put it in words…or I have to write soo much to describe every aspect of it. It’s totally a different world altogether.

·         Kriya Yoga Journal – Yes, I have been practicing Kriya yoga since 2007…off and ON… now I practice just once instead of twice daily! I want to get myself to practice twice…atleast that’s how I want it in the coming days. For it has been the crux of my life. Great experiences and amazing journey.

·         Running Journal – all about my running…wat I did right…wat went wrong…how I can do better 

And couple of other journals ….not very significant though ….at least not at this point of time!

I just read this book “Life Is What You Make It “ – By Preeti Shenoy recently…the cover page seem to perfectly match with what I wanted to write :)


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